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The Pineal Gland – Powerhouse of the Endocrine System

Studies have shown that our people tend to be highly religious or I should say value spiritual things more. Those conducting the studies seem perplexed by the fact that we tend to be more religious or spiritual (some would say) and I think we know where these attributes are coming from, as it pertains to […]

What You Don’t Know About Melanin May Actually Harm You

When we talk about melanin rarely does the discussion include its actual biological benefits. Studies show that Africans and Indians have the highest amount of melanin, with no significant difference between the two. Those with the highest amount of melanin should know about the benefits of dark melanin skin and how those benefits can be […]

Because of Eumelanin You Can Embrace The Sun

Understanding our worth is vitally important. Particularly now as these advancements in science and technology about melanin is coming to the forefront. We have to be vigilant and we need to start asking some questions. In this blog, you will learn about melanin, and in particular eumelanin – which is the dark-brown melanin pigment that […]

Melanin In Our Black Skin Is Priceless

It is time for African Americans to understand the value of melanin. There is a need for us to educate ourselves about melanin. Normally we only hear about how melanin plays an important role in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, but it is so much more than pigmentation. Melanin is necessary for the […]