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Is America Deserving of Judgment?

Are religious leaders cherry-picking the Scriptures for the reason the nation will be judged and ignoring some of the weightier matters? You may have heard various reasons for why America will be judged but here are some of the most notable reasons mentioned: the gospel of accommodation – meaning that the gospel has been watered […]

Nations Will Be Judged for Enslaving YAH’s Chosen People

The sale of enslaved people can be traced back to antiquity. Many would say that slavery is nothing new but nations that held the children of Israel captive often face significant consequences. As a result, enslaving the chosen people was not to be taken lightly. Has that changed? According to Joel 3, no, it has […]

Scripture Proves That We Were Lied to About Our True History

We know who the world is saying the true people of the book are but can we prove otherwise? That’s what this series is all about. There are those who are purposely creating confusion, purposely trying to say the evidence doesn’t say what it’s saying. Keep this verse [Revelation 2:9] in mind as we go […]

It’s Time We Reconnect with Our Heritage

For those of you who are just waking up about the true history of African Americans, do you feel equipped to prove your Hebrew identity? Are you searching for reliable sources that will help you prove that Negroes are the people of the book? More and more people are declaring that blacks, or so-called African […]

How Can People with A False Perception of Love Teach It to Someone Else?

Many of us know someone who has a hard time understanding the Father’s love. If God is so loving, why does He allow so much pain and suffering in the world? Another question being asked among some in the awakening is: how could the Most High let his people suffer through the horrors of slavery? […]

Sons – Function Like Kings and Priests and Walk in Your Role

We have often heard this phrase, that “black people are feared”. But what does it really mean? They fear who you are. For so-called African-Americans, we are descendants of the children of Israel and we are not like other nations; this is why they fear you. They do everything in their power to control you. […]

Israel, We Had Our Own Memorial Day We Were Told to Remember

Memorial Day, a holiday that is supposed to honor soldiers who died while serving in the United States armed forces. But did you know that Memorial Day was actually founded by former slaves? You won’t find this in school textbooks. The day was actually called “Decoration Day”. In an article written in 2011, presented by […]

Real Biblical Black History in Pictures

Most of us were taught to believe the lies that the most important historical figures were white Europeans. Religious leaders knowingly reject the scriptures that describe Messiah as having woolly hair and feet like burnt brass – and I have said many times, anything burnt is not white! Races have a mental block when it […]

The Wages Due to Our People Are Crying Out Against America

The United States has been interfering in the affairs of many nations because of crimes committed against its citizens but the United States refuses to hold its own self accountable for the crimes committed against us. Why is that? Most European colonial economies in the Americas from the 16th through the 19th century were dependent […]