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The Elite Has Been Orchestrating Devious Tactics to Maintain Wealth Inequality in America

America has been waging a war against Blacks since the 1600s. The luciferian elites ruling the nation has also deceived white Americans into serving their diabolical purposes by creating an illusion of white supremacy. America is now at the point of no return facing the wrath of the Most High for the crimes committed against His people. The elite created white supremacy as a strategy to divide and conquer. They did it by creating a new class of people, classified as White, and provided them with economic incentives to get them to police and dominate our people. The top 1% own 40% of the wealth in this country; Blacks own less than 5% of the wealth.

As we delve deeper, we understand how the elite has been orchestrating race riots, lynchings, and other devious tactics to maintain this wealth inequality in America. In the 1800s and 1900s, they used White mobs to incite violence. These mobs would be stirred up to attack the Black residents because they were gaining wealth. These acts of racial violence took aim at the roots of generational wealth, shaping the nation and its inequities in ways we still see today. Not only do they incite racial violence, the groups who will benefit from it the most – from the uprisings – infiltrate it. They pretend to be one of the protesters. We witnessed this during the George Floyd protests. An article from The Conversation (dated June 5, 2020) covers this topic asking, Why are white supremacists protesting the deaths of black people? It says, “the idea that inducing chaos, provoking law enforcement, and promoting political tension will hasten the collapse of Western government. Joining the crowds provides these group an opportunity to discredit protesters by inciting looting, rioting, violence and vandalism – which they hope will spark like-minded white Americans to resist the civil disobedience of protesters.”

The puppet masters stoke the racial flames and the Whites who believe minorities are taking their country feel they need to take their country back. But what’s evidently clear is that the majority of their violent acts are against Blacks. What they don’t realize is that this is a war that the puppet masters want. The elite play both sides and they fund both sides by creating chaos. They will be able to step in and dominate both groups because it will help them to usher in their one world government. Family, it should be clear that the children of Esau are the masterminds working behind the scenes.

The politicians play into this as well; they bring out the same playbook every four years. It’s during this time that the Democrats seem to really take notice of racial injustice and crimes against our people. Do you remember how many of the candidates came out talking about reparations? How many of them are talking about it now? This is their tactic to secure the Black vote and it works every time. They begin talking about the plight of the poor and how Democrats are fighting for the poor. Once they’re voted in, other things take priority. Our people are being played. On the other hand, the Republicans stir up their base by promoting patriotism and talking about the border. It’s amazing how masses of immigrants just seem to appear, trying to cross over the borders during election or how crime rates (mostly committed by Blacks) just seem to skyrocket. They begin using religious languages and images to make Republicans believe that their candidate was “sent by God” to help them get their country back. Sadly, they don’t realize they never owned this country; it was corrupt from its inception, owned by the luciferian elite. So, both groups use race-baiting.

According to a report released in August 2016 from the Corporation for Economic Development and the Institute for Policy studies, it states that, “if current trends persist, it will take 228 years for Black families to accumulate the same amount of wealth as whites. For Latino families, it will take 84 years.” Do you see – the system is rigged. We cannot, as a people, prosper in this system the way that it’s set up. This is a fulfillment of prophecy and it proves that we are the people of the Book. So, how did we end up here? Disobedience. In Deuteronomy 28:38-46, Moses is telling the people what would happen to them if they fail to keep the commandments. You will see that these verses pertain to prosperity or the lack thereof because of disobedience. Just know that this is referring to our people as a whole. These things are signs to let us know we are the people, but there is hope. In Deuteronomy 30:1-10, it speaks of the promise of restoration. So Israel, just know that this system has not worked for us because our condition was to serve as a sign that we broke covenant. It also served as a sign to help us identify ourselves. But think about this, these nations were allowed to prosper in their wickedness. That’s how you know that this is the beast system and it’s of lucifer. The Most High is not going to allow you to prosper in wickedness but you can still see in spite of it all He has made a way of escape for us.

Now, I want to briefly talk about the Lisbon, Portugal earthquake in 1755. The earthquake struck on All Saints’ Day – which is a Catholic holy feast day but if you search the roots of it, it’s pagan. The event brought hundreds of worshipers to Lisbon’s churches and cathedrals. It is estimated that much of the city’s population (around 200,000) was gathered for mass. After the earthquake, an additional two tsunamis hit Lisbon. Thousands of city residents who had survived the initial quake were drowned by the tsunami or killed in the rush of debris that the water carried with it. Those who survived both the earthquake and tsunamis were forced to combat ravaging fires spreading through the higher ground areas of the city untouched by the water. The earthquake leveled about 85% of the city’s infrastructure. About 32% to 48% of Portugal’s GDP, at the time, was lost due to the effects of the destruction. So, all that money they had made as a result of trafficking our people around the world, all the gold and diamonds they stole, they lost almost half of their wealth. So, what should we know about Lisbon, Portugal? It was the major port involved in the Portuguese slave trade. Ships went to West Africa and took enslaved Africans across the Atlantic to the Portuguese-owned colony of Brazil. Many of the slaves were carried to plantations and mines in Brazil. The Portuguese city of Porto made a strong brandy, especially for the Africa trade. Three anchors (which was a measured unit) of it would buy a young male slave.

Israel, even though He was chastening us, the Most High was still fighting for His people. He would not let them utterly destroy us. We need to be praying, repenting, rededicating our hearts, our minds, our souls to the Most High and calling for judgment. In this 3-part series, we expose the hidden hand of the elite and how they are still working behind the scenes to bring about the wars they want. Learn more when you view part 2 of this 3-part series, America Is at The Point of No Return 2 | Prospering in Wickedness.