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Yahshar’EL, You Are the Natural Branch…Not A Gentile

I want to ask you a question. Are you a Gentile? You may be wondering why I’m even asking you that question. I’m asking because Bible scholars told us who the Gentiles were and we just accepted it as true without really searching the Scriptures to see if they were right. I’m tackling a topic […]

Our Tribulation Ends and the Judgment for Those Nations that Afflicted Us Begins

Understanding the days of judgment is imperative as we look to the heavens in confident anticipation of our deliverance from the oppression of the wicked. Throughout Scripture, we find many references where the Most High brought judgment on the inhabitants of the world. Now, we see end time signs happening on the earth and we […]

Judah, Lift Up Your Heads Because Your Redemption Draws Near

The Day of Judgment. Many refer to it as a future event, promised in the Scripture, where the Most High will bring about final justice and condemnation on sinners. However, there are several judgments mentioned in the Scriptures. Understanding the days of judgment is imperative as we look to the heavens in anticipation of our […]

There Is A Divine Purpose for Israel in the Days of the Final Judgment

Is there a divine purpose for Israel in the final day judgments? Many would say no because they believe that the church has replaced the chosen people. However, understanding the days of judgment is crucial because there are many similarities between the plagues of Egypt and the plagues recorded in the book of Revelation. It’s […]

Giants Still Exist – We Have to Be Wise to The Ways of The Enemy

According to Hebrews 13, we are told not to be forgetful to entertain strangers, for by doing so some have entertained angels unawares. Family, we should also be careful that we are not entertaining demonic spirits. I encourage you to do self-examinations, often, to know the condition of your soul. It is time to get […]