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Giants Still Exist – We Have to Be Wise to The Ways of The Enemy

According to Hebrews 13, we are told not to be forgetful to entertain strangers, for by doing so some have entertained angels unawares. Family, we should also be careful that we are not entertaining demonic spirits. I encourage you to do self-examinations, often, to know the condition of your soul. It is time to get your house in order because lucifer’s time is short and he knows it. He has been secretly working through the elite to bring about his evil agenda using science, technology, sorcery, and other wicked means. Science and technology is being used to lead the world somewhere and the end result will be beings that were not created by The Most High. We know that scripture is true and I honestly believe that it will be undeniable in these last days. For those rejecting the truth of scripture, it will be because they want to be deceived and they choose to have lucifer as their god. It’s the theologians who are debating and trying to debunk what is written in scripture about the existence of giants.

In the book of Enoch (chapter 7, verses 1 thru 14), we see the ultimate goal of the fallen. These verses corroborate Genesis 6 where we’re told that the sons of god came in unto the daughters of men and laid with them and then beget giants. First, we see the fallen are mating with women who then give birth to giants. Then they are teaching these women sorcery and witchcraft. The human men can’t produce enough food to feed these giants so they begin eating humans and drinking their blood. The giants begin to injure birds, beasts, reptiles, fishes, in other words they’re manipulating DNA /splicing DNA and creating other hybrids that would be big enough for them to eat. They had to sustain themselves. Scripture is telling us that, in the last days, we will see things that were going on in the days of Noah. Therefore, we should ask the question, “are we witnessing these things now but we’re not putting it all together and we can’t see what’s happening right before our eyes”? I believe so. Let’s identify what was happening in Noah’s day:

  • man received knowledge from fallen angels
  • hybrids were being created through gene splicing and DNA manipulation
  • cannibalism was going on and they were drinking each other’s blood
  • sorcery and witchcraft was prevalent at the time and at the root of a lot of this

So, we should expect to see an increase in these behaviors because we know that these are some of the trademarks of the fallen. The seed of the fallen is still here. They are the ones giving information to the luciferian elite; they are the puppet masters. One thing to keep in mind is that the fallen engaged in those practices for their own benefit. The things that they were teaching were not supposed to benefit man – it was for the benefit of the fallen angels. They only use the luciferian elite to create a narrative to make the masses think that it will benefit mankind.

We are not waiting for the last days; we are living in it. It’s happening all around us. The wicked are engaging in satanic rituals and most of them are in high positions of power. They are using the tools that were given to them by the fallen angels. Why? They have to gain and remain in power to carry out the work of satan and they know that they have to protect those secrets at all costs. People are coming up missing for a reason. Children are being snatched and exploited for a reason. They know that they can gain more power when they use the blood of the innocent. The seed of the serpent is using the innocent in their sexual perversion in witchcraft to appease lucifer. This is how the powers that be get the knowledge that they need for these new advancements. They have to worship these demons by engaging in perverse behaviors and offering blood sacrifices. The fallen taught men how to do these things because satan wants worship. You have to be discerning. You have to know which ones are speaking the words of life and which ones are giving you words of death. This is where we have to be wise to the ways of the enemy. He appears as an angel of light and scripture tells us that the enemy only comes to kill steal and destroy. They want destruction that will bring about a reset; a reset that will change the verdict that they were given. Learn more when you view the accompanying video, Science Proving Scripture to be True #1 | Seed of the Fallen Still Here.