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Trinity Doctrine – Scripture Proves Yahshua (Our Messiah) Is Divine

Have you ever wondered about the doctrine of the Trinity? How could the God of the Bible be One, but at the same time be three Persons? You know the song, “God in three Persons, blessed Trinity.” Does that mean that we serve three Gods? There are those who say, Christ (the Messiah) can’t be […]

Christmas Holiday and Beliefs Steeped in Pagan Roots

It may be concerning to some but paganism continues in Christianity. The truth is, many aspects of Christianity came from ancient pagan religions, not the Bible. Celebrated holidays, like Christmas and Easter, were not sanctioned by the Most High nor were they practiced by the early believers. We need to ask why are so much […]

Real Biblical Black History in Pictures

Most of us were taught to believe the lies that the most important historical figures were white Europeans. Religious leaders knowingly reject the scriptures that describe Messiah as having woolly hair and feet like burnt brass – and I have said many times, anything burnt is not white! Races have a mental block when it […]