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Christmas Holiday and Beliefs Steeped in Pagan Roots

It may be concerning to some but paganism continues in Christianity. The truth is, many aspects of Christianity came from ancient pagan religions, not the Bible. Celebrated holidays, like Christmas and Easter, were not sanctioned by the Most High nor were they practiced by the early believers. We need to ask why are so much of modern Christian beliefs based on pagan practice rather than Scripture. A lot of the doctrine is based on pagan beliefs because the Gospel was tainted by pagans, plain and simple – A little leaven leavens the whole lump (Galatians 5:9). That’s not to say that some who were brought up in the church did not have a genuine relationship with the Most High. Abraham was raised in a family of pagans, yet he was called out of it. So, it’s a wonderful thing that the lies are being exposed in these last days. It is the time when many are saying, I choose to be like the Bereans – by searching the Scriptures for themselves to see if the things they have been told are true.

Many believe that the Roman Empire is dead but that is absolutely not true. It lives on through the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope serves as its leader. Many of the laws and customs of Rome are practiced today unknowingly by Christians. There are some Christians who try to distance themselves from Catholics, but Catholics call Christians Catholics. Why? Because Christianity, as it is known today, was shaped by the Roman Catholic Church. This is why it’s so important to study, to rightly divide. Most of us would agree that we believed what we were taught without studying or searching the Scriptures to see if it was true.

Information is being uncovered revealing that the Gospel was hijacked. It was taken over by the Romans, the same people who persecuted our ancestors. Yes, we can add ‘Catholic Church’ to it because that’s what it’s called today – the Roman Catholic Church. They are the descendants of the same people and they are aligned with the group who say they are us. They made themselves Kings and Priests in the earth, but we need to understand what the Word has said concerning us. We need to know what our Father has said about us. He will forgive our iniquities. We have to turn away from this revised version of the Gospel. The Most High will tread down our enemies. He will restore favor unto us. Emperor Constantine brought a group together and they formulated the beliefs of the Christian Church. They dubbed him, the ‘Prince of Christianity’, and he gave them a corrupted version of the Gospel. Those laws have been binding for far too long.

Here are just a few sources:
Aryan Sun-Myths: The Origin of Religions, written in 1889 by Sarah Elizabeth Titcomb
Paganism Surviving in Christianity, written in 1892 by Abram Herbert Lewis
Babylonian Religion and Mythology, written in 1903 by L. W. King

We need to begin to use the keys of the kingdom and loose ourselves from those restraints. When we come under the yoke of the Most High and cast off the restraint of paganism, He promised that He will forgive us and remember our sins no more. But we have to repent and turn. When you turn, you refuse to hold on to the ways and customs of Rome, of Babylon. The Roman religion brought death unto our people. The ways of the Most High is upright and true. It will not allow you to remain in sin and be comfortable. If you’re breaking the laws of YAH and your heart is not convicting you, then you need to check your fur because you may be a wolf, not a sheep. These pagan traditions do not honor Him, they honor pagan deities. They were given to us by gentiles. It’s time to turn away because tomorrow is not promised to you. Turn away from fornication, adultery, shacking, sodomy, lying, cheating, stealing, and the list goes on and on. This is the time for you to get wisdom and understanding because He is not going to bless your mess!

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