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Are We All Serving the Same ‘God’?

The religion of Christianity (and note I said the religion of Christianity) has set European nations apart as a superior race. It’s ungodly and it’s the demon in the room that has to be addressed. How can we say we love God, yet we hate somebody because their skin color is different? White supremacy has […]

Significance of Keeping YAH’s Feast Days

What Christians call ‘Holy Communion’, is it really the Passover feast that served as a memorial of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt? The only thing in Scripture that comes close to a communion service is the Passover, but the name has been changed and the relevance of the feast erased. There is no reason in Scripture […]

Righteous Judgment is Needed to Bring Us to Repentance

How many of you have heard someone say, “You’re judging me; the Bible says not to judge.” Most of us are familiar with this scripture from Matthew 7:1-2. When we want to justify our actions, this is our ace card right here. So many people (both Christian and non-Christians) will use this verse as a […]

How Can People with A False Perception of Love Teach It to Someone Else?

Many of us know someone who has a hard time understanding the Father’s love. If God is so loving, why does He allow so much pain and suffering in the world? Another question being asked among some in the awakening is: how could the Most High let his people suffer through the horrors of slavery? […]

Sons – Function Like Kings and Priests and Walk in Your Role

We have often heard this phrase, that “black people are feared”. But what does it really mean? They fear who you are. For so-called African-Americans, we are descendants of the children of Israel and we are not like other nations; this is why they fear you. They do everything in their power to control you. […]

Daughters of Zion – Capable, Chosen and Called of The Most High

Have you heard about the “law of silence”? It’s this idea that has led many throughout the ages to say to a woman, “do not speak or teach in the church; that’s reserved for men”. This mandate has transcended to the community and other platforms, making some say that women should not have a voice […]

It’s Time To Truly Understand His Power That Dwells In Us

We have been given supernatural power and it’s important for you to know why that power has been given to the children of Israel. Let’s begin by talking about the two kingdoms: the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. Both are spiritual kingdoms and possess sources of power. When witnessed here on earth, […]