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Sons and Daughters of Israel, We Have to Prophesy and Speak the Inspired Word of the Most High

We have been talking about the seed of the serpent, known in ancient times as the serpent people. They are not the same as the original descendants of Adam. They are of their father, the devil, and they have been working to create a one world government controlled by the beast system. We know that their power comes from the kingdom of darkness but they’ve been allowed to rule because of our disobedience. But we can clearly see that a shift is happening around the world; Jacob is waking up. Power has been given to us and they fear the power in you. They know your history; they know our history. The elite control the masses through fear because this method is very effective for them. Why do you think slave masters always brought all the slaves together when they wanted to punish our ancestors? The whippings and the lynchings were a public spectacle to instill fear. They wanted the memory to be embedded in their mind to discourage the others from getting out of line. In addition, they also allowed their children to watch the brutality to instill in them a sense of superiority and to show them how they needed to control our people through force. These children watched as people of color were burned alive and had parts removed. Now all of a sudden, their children are too fragile to know the truth about the true history of slavery?

The media is playing a big part in the fear and propaganda to control. They use the propaganda because they know that humans become what they see and if you say it enough times, they begin to believe what they hear. But they knew that we wouldn’t be asleep forever, so they’ve been preparing for that. What do you think is really behind the mandate? Haven’t you thought about why nobody survived during the flood except Noah and his family. Was it really because they didn’t want to hear him or they couldn’t hear him because they had been modified. Right now, there’s a big push to effeminize our men. What were they afraid of in the past? The masculinity of black men. They are slowly changing that image by changing what we believe and it’s paying off big time for those who will help them push this agenda. What they’re doing is erecting an image before us. Remember, the goal is for them to get us to become what they put in front of us. The dragon is already speaking and there are those who are being used as a mouthpiece to prophesy. Prophesy is also a statement that says what is going to happen in the future. Of course, we know that those words should be inspired by the Most High but there is a reason the bible warns us about false prophets. The words coming from them are inspired by their god but men of Israel, you have to start talking back: use the power of your words, declare openly and on every available platform that you reject this image (that that’s not who the men of Israel are). You won’t be speaking just for you and your son but for boys and men of the nation.

We have to start declaring what is true. We were told that the sons and daughters of Israel would prophesy in the last days. Let’s start talking back and speaking the words that are inspired by the one true God. Do you remember how David did it? Remember Goliath, he challenged Israel and taunted them for 40 days. The enemy presented an image to Israel of a powerful giant and every day he came out to Israel saying something. What did he say? “Choose a man, one man for yourselves, and let him come down to me. If he is able to fight with me and kill me then we will be your servants. But if I prevail against him and kill him, then you shall be our servants and serve us”. Israel saw something and they heard something that caused fear. Fear of what? Death – nobody wanted to die. Israel listened to a false prophet for 40 days and King Saul would not lead the people into battle against him. It took David, a young boy mind you, to say to Saul, “let no man’s heart fail them because of this giant. I’ll go and fight this Philistine”. You can find this story in I Samuel 17. Don’t you think David saw what the other men saw?  He heard what they heard but David started talking back; he started prophesying. What did he say? He says, “I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defile”. In other words, just by coming against us you are coming against our God. The word was speaking. David opened his mouth and declared what the word said. He came into agreement with the word of the Most High. Goliath was a dead man as soon as David uttered those words. Why – because the word began fighting. Exodus 15:3 tells us that, “the Lord is a man of war” and David says in Psalm 18:34 that, “He teaches my hands to war”. David wasn’t relying on his own strength; he knew that he needed supernatural power to defeat this giant, this seed of the serpent. David came into agreement with the truth and released the same power source that created heaven and earth.

We release power through our words. the power of death and life is in your tongue. What are we creating with our words? Sons and daughters of Israel, we have to prophesy and speak the inspired word of the Most High to the nation of Israel. Luke 10:19 says, “behold I give to you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy”. How is this power released – through our words. We have to prophesy. Life is released when we come into agreement with truth. The final intent of the Most High is He wanted the Spirit in us. Paul said the same thing in I Corinthians 14:5, “he wished that all would prophesy”. He told the people to pray that they would prophesy. In I Corinthians 14:1-3 Paul also says, “pursue love and desire spiritual gifts but especially that you may prophesy. For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries. But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men”. This is what our people need right now. They need to hear the truth of the Most High Yah to identify who they are, whose they are, and the power that he has given unto us. You are a spirit being and you just happen to live in an earthly body. When the Most High breathed into Adam, He breathed power and supernatural abilities into him and that had to be revived through the power of the Holy Spirit. In John 6:63, Messiah tells us, the words have spirit and life; our words have power. In contrast, the power is being used by the beast system with surveillance and tracking but it’s no match for the power in you.

You’re not being awakened just to know that you’re Israel but to also know the power that resides in us. The earth is groaning as it waits for you to step into your rightful place. Think about the power that Samson or Elijah had – how do you outrun a chariot? You need supernatural abilities to do that. Remember, when our forefathers took the land of Israel there were giants living in that land – Goliath wasn’t the only one. These people were mixed with the fallen angel seed so they were operating in supernatural strength. The Most High empowered us to defeat them, so the power given to us had to be greater. There is a powerful verse in I John 4:4 that you need to get in your spirit: “you are of God, little children [you’re of Him, that means you came from Him] and have overcome them [overcome whom – your enemies – the enemy] because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. You came from a different source; you came from above. I pray that you’re getting this. What we have to do is remember who we are – not just physically but spiritually. Your Father sent you here with special abilities. Think about how, as I said, the Holy Spirit came upon our ancestors and they just did all of these supernatural things. We see examples of that in both the old and the renewed testament. Were those things just for them or do we have the same abilities today? Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? The Ruach comes for you to do something, say something, and be something. Your temple – your body – is where the Holy Spirit dwells. Once that spirit is in you, you’re going to bear fruit, the fruit of the spirit. He starts working on the inner man building all those things that we need. When you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, your evidence goes beyond speaking in an unknown language to bearing the fruit of the spirit. You have manifestation that’s fully demonstrated that you are filled with the power on High because He begins working on you – helping you to crucify this flesh. Yes, you can receive the outer power gifts but it’s hard to operate in those gifts if you don’t die to this flesh and this carnal mind. If we’re not careful as we try to operate in the things of the kingdom, it can lead to pride and we start treating the things of the kingdom lightly. We cannot do that. Almost, always, you’ll see the manifestation of the power when you’re doing it for the right reasons and those reasons benefit others. The way we receive the power is by receiving the word and the spirit. In the spirit realm, we can grow even faster when we spend time in Yah’s presence and His word and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to die to this flesh: through prayer and fasting. These verses clearly tell us that the Holy Spirit is for us: Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4, Acts 19:1-6

Again, we must be mindful of our words. The enemy will use your words against you, like in a courtroom. Do you know that there is a judgment for idle words? That’s how powerful the words are that comes out of our mouth. The world was created with the Most High’s words and he breathed that power into Adam. The enemy has to get you to use your words to come into agreement with him, so he presents feelings, suggestions, and symptoms. For example, when you feel sickness trying to come against you, immediately rebuke it and come into agreement with truth. Say out of your mouth. “I reject this [XYZ or whatever it is]. Body, I command you to line up with truth and the truth is that I am healed. Yeshua or some say Yahushua bore our sickness and disease when he was hung on the tree and by His stripes I am healed. I refuse to accept the symptoms; it’s not mine. Take it back to the pits of hell”. Keep in mind that I’ve been telling you all along that the natural is first: that which is natural is first. So, if you’ve been rebuking sickness and you’re still being attacked, there’s a dead cat on the line somewhere. You have to go back and examine yourself and see if you’re abusing your body in some way. How are you caring for your body? What are you eating? Is there a sin you haven’t dealt with? If all of those things are clear, you need to get in the presence of the Most High and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden thing – that way you will know if you’re dealing with a natural issue or spiritual one. There may be something that your body needs that you’re not giving it: enough rest, water, exercise. That’s why the Holy Spirit is there, He’s your teacher – not just for the spiritual things but to teach you how this body is to function.

There is a mediator between us and the Most High. Yahshua is our mediator in the courts of heaven. For our sin He died and the Father is demanding that we acknowledge that sacrifice – acknowledge that we rejected our Kinsmen Redeemer and then repent. We have to receive the power of the Holy Spirit sent to be our Helper. We’re coming up on some times where we’re going to need that help. Just know the enemy is equipping his children with the tools they need to fight against us and as Yah’s children, we need to be able to stand against these weapons.  To do so, we have been given weapons of warfare; we have been given the whole armor but we have to know what these weapons are and how to use them (Ephesians 6:11-18).  We have been given mighty weapons to pull down strongholds. These are not human weapons and we’re not supposed to be fighting against each other. If you get up every morning thinking about how to attack other Israelites, you might just be a reptilian because satan’s kingdom is not divided against itself (Ephesians 6:12). We need a word from on High to know how to defeat the seed of the serpent. The enemy is using an artificial source of power: sorcery, technology, science. That’s how they’re operating and they’re getting the information from the fallen – from the demons. However, we have been given power and authority. It’s in our mouth; it comes up out of us to speak. The Most High is showing you how powerful His word is once He sends it forth: Isaiah 55:11, Hebrews 1:3

I believe the Most High wants us to walk in the power and the authority of His word but we have to know how His power works. Learn more when you view the accompanying video, What Kind Are You #5 | They Fear the Power In You?  It’s time to press toward the mark of the high calling. You were selected to run this part of the race.