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Esau Exposed: Rome Is Still Ruling Through the Roman Catholic Church

Can we identify Esau/Edom? Yes! By tracing his descendants, we find there is a direct connection with those in power today. Esau has been busy mixing his seed in with other nations around the world. He’s been hiding himself. We know that he mixed the seed with the children of Ham and the Ishmaelites. He […]

Are We All Serving the Same ‘God’?

The religion of Christianity (and note I said the religion of Christianity) has set European nations apart as a superior race. It’s ungodly and it’s the demon in the room that has to be addressed. How can we say we love God, yet we hate somebody because their skin color is different? White supremacy has […]

Significance of Keeping YAH’s Feast Days

What Christians call ‘Holy Communion’, is it really the Passover feast that served as a memorial of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt? The only thing in Scripture that comes close to a communion service is the Passover, but the name has been changed and the relevance of the feast erased. There is no reason in Scripture […]

Messiah Is Our Passover Lamb to Be Remembered Throughout Generations

Where did the Easter Sunday holiday come from? many believe that it signifies the death, burial and resurrection of Messiah…but does it? He said that He would be in the grave three days and three nights. So, is it possible to get three days and three nights from Friday noon to Sunday morning? Only if […]

Righteous Judgment is Needed to Bring Us to Repentance

How many of you have heard someone say, “You’re judging me; the Bible says not to judge.” Most of us are familiar with this scripture from Matthew 7:1-2. When we want to justify our actions, this is our ace card right here. So many people (both Christian and non-Christians) will use this verse as a […]

Yashar’EL, You Are the Natural Branch…Not A Gentile

I want to ask you a question. Are you a Gentile? You may be wondering why I’m even asking you that question. I’m asking because Bible scholars told us who the Gentiles were and we just accepted it as true without really searching the Scriptures to see if they were right. I’m tackling a topic […]

Our Tribulation Ends and the Judgment for Those Nations that Afflicted Us Begins

Understanding the days of judgment is imperative as we look to the heavens in confident anticipation of our deliverance from the oppression of the wicked. Throughout Scripture, we find many references where the Most High brought judgment on the inhabitants of the world. Now, we see end time signs happening on the earth and we […]

Trinity Doctrine – Scripture Proves Yahshua (Our Messiah) Is Divine

Have you ever wondered about the doctrine of the Trinity? How could the God of the Bible be One, but at the same time be three Persons? You know the song, “God in three Persons, blessed Trinity.” Does that mean that we serve three Gods? There are those who say, Christ (the Messiah) can’t be […]