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Are We All Serving the Same ‘God’?

The religion of Christianity (and note I said the religion of Christianity) has set European nations apart as a superior race. It’s ungodly and it’s the demon in the room that has to be addressed. How can we say we love God, yet we hate somebody because their skin color is different? White supremacy has been prevalent in this nation for centuries and it is directly tied to a religion created by the Roman Catholic Church. It’s masquerading as true Christianity, but it’s governed by greed and idolatry.

For people of color in this land, you need to first understand who you are and why there has been so much hatred toward you. It begins with knowing who you are in your true identity, not the one that was given to you. In these last days, the things that have been hidden are now being uncovered. We have to know that there is a problem. We cannot come together as one and ignore these serious issues. These things must be judged. There has to be an acknowledgement and repentance. And just because you repent, does not mean it all goes away. David repented of his sin with Bathsheba, but he still endured the consequences of his actions.

Seeds were sown in this nation and those seeds caused harm and death to millions of people. There is a separation of the wheat from the tares and those who are guilty of this must repent of the sin of white supremacy. It has to be acknowledged because judgment is at the door. Learn more when you view the accompanying video, Religion and White Supremacy | Separating Wheat from Tares.