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Esau Exposed: Rome Is Still Ruling Through the Roman Catholic Church

Can we identify Esau/Edom? Yes! By tracing his descendants, we find there is a direct connection with those in power today. Esau has been busy mixing his seed in with other nations around the world. He’s been hiding himself. We know that he mixed the seed with the children of Ham and the Ishmaelites. He […]

Our Tribulation Ends and the Judgment for Those Nations that Afflicted Us Begins

Understanding the days of judgment is imperative as we look to the heavens in confident anticipation of our deliverance from the oppression of the wicked. Throughout Scripture, we find many references where the Most High brought judgment on the inhabitants of the world. Now, we see end time signs happening on the earth and we […]

Is America Deserving of Judgment?

Are religious leaders cherry-picking the Scriptures for the reason the nation will be judged and ignoring some of the weightier matters? You may have heard various reasons for why America will be judged but here are some of the most notable reasons mentioned: the gospel of accommodation – meaning that the gospel has been watered […]

Nations Will Be Judged for Enslaving YAH’s Chosen People

The sale of enslaved people can be traced back to antiquity. Many would say that slavery is nothing new but nations that held the children of Israel captive often face significant consequences. As a result, enslaving the chosen people was not to be taken lightly. Has that changed? According to Joel 3, no, it has […]

Judah, Lift Up Your Heads Because Your Redemption Draws Near

The Day of Judgment. Many refer to it as a future event, promised in the Scripture, where the Most High will bring about final justice and condemnation on sinners. However, there are several judgments mentioned in the Scriptures. Understanding the days of judgment is imperative as we look to the heavens in anticipation of our […]

The Religion of This Nation Has Been Tainted with the Doctrine of Devils

We are going to talk about the Roman Catholic Doctrine that led to the founding of America and slavery. We are exposing this wicked Doctrine called the Doctrine of Discovery or you may know it as Manifest Destiny. This Doctrine of demons was used under the false pretense of winning the world for Christ. There […]

There Is A Divine Purpose for Israel in the Days of the Final Judgment

Is there a divine purpose for Israel in the final day judgments? Many would say no because they believe that the church has replaced the chosen people. However, understanding the days of judgment is crucial because there are many similarities between the plagues of Egypt and the plagues recorded in the book of Revelation. It’s […]

Disconnect from the Babylonian System

The command given in Revelation 18:4 says to “come out of her my people…”. It is a warning. The Most High is telling His people to escape the judgment that is to come upon Babylon. Babylon is represented by a false religious system that has deceived the world. Many are calling for unity between church […]

The Wages Due to Our People Are Crying Out Against America

The United States has been interfering in the affairs of many nations because of crimes committed against its citizens but the United States refuses to hold its own self accountable for the crimes committed against us. Why is that? Most European colonial economies in the Americas from the 16th through the 19th century were dependent […]