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Esau Exposed: Rome Is Still Ruling Through the Roman Catholic Church

Can we identify Esau/Edom? Yes! By tracing his descendants, we find there is a direct connection with those in power today. Esau has been busy mixing his seed in with other nations around the world. He’s been hiding himself. We know that he mixed the seed with the children of Ham and the Ishmaelites. He also mixed himself with the Horites (who were mixed with fallen angel seed). We’ll look at how he mixed the seed with the children of Japheth, namely the children of Chittim, who are also the Romans. As we dig deeper into this, we’ll see that today’s modern Italians are the descendants of ancient Romans carrying the same DNA. Not just the Italians, but other European nations.

Esau has been working through these other nations to destroy the children of Israel. Esau has a perpetual hatred for his brother Jacob. The prophecy was given to Rebekah that two nations were in her womb and it said, “the elder would serve the younger” (Genesis 25:23). It really should be obvious to us which nations are ruling now. The European and the western civilization are still benefiting from the culture of Rome that has passed down from Greece, then to Rome. Today, these European nations still have similar institutions, governments, and laws. Like ancient Rome, modern Europe, America, and the western world enjoy the military economic and political dominance over most of the world and own a disproportionate part of the world’s wealth which they stole.

From the Scriptures in the Book of Revelation 17, it clearly shows that this is talking about the Roman Catholic Church. The woman was equated with a great city that’s reigning over kings – so, she is associating herself with power. This is where we see the connection between church and state power. It’s talking about the waters where she’s sitting being peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. Not only is this woman a city but she is the headquarters of an international system. She’s riding on a beast with seven heads. The beast (the system) hates her, but they’re using her to their advantage. This chapter also talks about the seven heads (which are seven mountains) on which this woman is sitting. There is a city on earth known as the ‘city of seven hills’. It’s the city of Rome! It’s the headquarters for international power. They’re ruling over peoples and multitudes and nations. In addition, the Vatican says it rules over one billion Roman Catholics worldwide. If you also include the daughters (the denominations that came out of the Roman Catholic Church) many of them are still engaged in the same traditions. Remember, this prophecy was written long before the catholic church existed and long before Rome became the headquarters. It also talks about her (the woman) being clothed in purple and red and having a golden cup in her hand that’s full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. Again, I encourage you again to go through and read the entire chapter of Revelation 17.

I know that our history books want us to believe that Rome is no more but that is simply not true. If we see the connection between the Roman Catholic Church and Rome and all of the laws, customs, and paganism that passed on to it, we can see that Rome is still ruling through the Roman Catholic Church. It did not go out of existence. We can also make the connection with the Portuguese and slavery. In an article printed by PortCities Bristol entitled, Launching of the Portuguese Slave Trade in Africa, it covers how Portugal started the European slave trade with Africa. In summary, Prince Henry, the navigator of Portugal, sent a training expedition to Africa to explore the little-known continent in 1441. By 1444, a cargo of 235 enslaved Africans had been brought to Lagos in Portugal. The Portuguese were using enslaved Africans on sugar plantations in Madeira, a Portuguese island off the west coast of Africa by 1460. They built the first slave fort in 1481 on the coast of modern Ghana. This was Elmina Castle, the headquarters of the Portuguese slave traders. In the early 17th century, Portugal was a major traitor in enslaved Africans. At this time, it held the asiento or contract to supply the spanish colonies with slaves. This meant that as well as buying their own slaves, the Portuguese were buying slaves for spanish-owned plantations. This added to the overall number of slaves which Portuguese ships carried.

They were heavily the originators of this slave trade; they played a big part. Now, is it a coincidence that it is in this region where we have the highest number of the RH negative, where they have the history of the Neanderthals and descendants of the fallen angel seed, that they are heavily involved in controlling world affairs and the catholic church sanctioned slavery? Again, is that a coincidence?

The root of all of this goes right back to that perpetual hatred of Esau and his descendants. He has been working with and through these other nations to destroy Jacob. Here are some Scriptures about what the Most High says about this: Genesis 27:41-42 | Ezekiel 36:5 | Ezekiel 35:7-12

If you think about all of the ravagings, pillagings, murders, and hatred toward our people, this sums it up beautifully. Their thought is, “who cares if we destroy these people, we can treat them any way we want.” This is the seed of Esau; he’s showing himself right here.

In reading the Scriptures from Amos 1:6 and 1:11, we see that these nations are working on behalf of wicked Esau, and of course we know that Satan is behind it all. Esau’s not going to change his mind. You may think things are going to get better for us, but YAH says Esau is going to keep his wrath forever. In Psalm 83:1-8, we see that these nations include the children of Ham and Ishmaelites who are also participating with these European nations. Many of them inhabit the Middle East today. Now just think about this, they have been in confederation with the Europeans. If they never forgot their history (they have the records of who they are then they knew who we were) why have they not tried to bring this truth out more forcefully? They could have, but they watched from the sidelines for all of these centuries as the Europeans treated us worse than dogs. But now the tables are turning and the Europeans are coming for them. They’re stealing their land and their resources. So, they are reaping what they have sown, as the Bible has said, and will go into captivity.

When we read the verse of Scripture from Jeremiah 16:19, we should be encouraged. We will be recognized as the true people of the Most High. These people who have committed these atrocious crimes are going to admit it and they’re going to realize that they were fed lies. Their history books are full of lies; it’s been whitewashed. Fabrications are just everywhere to try to erase our history. They consulted and conspired together to cut us off from being a nation, but the Most High kept notes. He took notes of it all and all of it is working together for His good. Learn more when you view the accompanying video, Fallen Angels Blood #4 | The Mystery People and the Connection to Rome.