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Zion, We Have to Learn From the Mistakes of Our Ancestors Who Did Not Seek Yah for His Strategy

Did you know that Israel was enslaved by the richest and most powerful nation on earth, when they became a nation? They became a nation while they were in bondage. They were living in the land of their oppressors. Sounds familiar? But did you also know that Israel left Egypt without having to lift a finger against those who enslaved and oppressed them – they had divine intervention. The Most High brought judgment on the land of Egypt and then he delivered His people with a mighty hand. Once again, we, the descendants of the ancient Israelites, find ourselves living in the land of our oppressors after being enslaved by a nation considered by most to be the richest and most powerful nation on earth. The prophecies tell us that we will be delivered and taken back into our land after the nation that enslaved us is judged. The most important thing that we can do right now is to look back and remember the mistakes of our ancestors so that we don’t keep repeating them. Zion, this information is key to our deliverance. Even though our ancestors left Egypt without having to fight against their oppressors, they engaged in many battles before they entered the promised land.

One notable battle is the Battle of Ai (Joshua 7-8). Joshua and the spies made their own strategic plans and they failed to acknowledge The Most High; they looked at the number of people in the city. If Joshua had sought The Most High in prayer before going into this battle, He would have given Joshua wisdom and discernment because He wants us to come to Him for the answers, otherwise we’re trying to fight a battle wearing blinders. Yah already knows what the enemy has planned, so He is able to give us their playbook and empower us with the supernatural strength to defeat them. Exodus 15:3 says our God is a man of war. If you think about that in the natural, no general wants to lose – that’s why they strategize. The Most High wants us to win and have victory, but He has to lead and He has to get the glory from it. Have we been fighting against our oppressors in our own strength? Have we been fighting using their rules of engagement? How has that been working for us? It is hard to beat the enemy at his own game particularly when he does not play fair. We have to prepare ourselves now and learn from the mistakes of our ancestors. Israel was forced to wander in the wilderness for 40 years because of fear and unbelief (Joshua 5:6). This is what caused them to lose this and many other battles. Even though they came out of Egypt, many of them died in the wilderness as a result – they never saw the promised land. They ignored the commandments and they tried to do it in their own strength. They did not seek Yah for the strategy – let that be a lesson for us.

Israel, we will see the hand of The Almighty in these last days, but we have to be ever so careful to wait on His strategy. We’ve tried our own thing for how many years now? We fight for our rights – it’s our people out there fighting and dying, having dogs attack them, and then they name it civil rights. But who ultimately benefited from it – it wasn’t us. We marched, fought, bled, died to ensure the civil rights of everybody else. What’s not addressed is that all of the other minority groups experience significantly less disparities, hate crimes, discrimination, and racism disproportionately. We keep trying to include others and I believe it is the result of how we were made as a people, but oftentimes it’s to our detriment. We need discernment to know when others are for us and when they are not. There comes a time when we have to focus on the needs of our people and there’s nothing wrong with that. In Matthew 15:24, Yeshua said He was sent to the house of Israel; He ministered to Israel first. Why? When you heal and deliver the kings and priests, then they can go out and help others. We keep leaving our people as they die in the streets to help those who only have a bloody nose.

Zion, it’s a new day; we know who we are now. We have to turn back to our Father: His ways, His statutes and commandments. We have to repent for our sins. Scripture tells us he who endures to the end shall be saved (Matthew 24:13). In order for us to survive what’s coming on this earth, it’s essential to have the right relationship with The One who is able to save us. Our Redeemer lives! Yah tells us that he is a jealous God – He wants all of you. Another thing that we have to do is to be aware of what is going on in this world so that you can pray effectively. Prophecy is unfolding all around us and we need the Holy Spirit to teach us how to navigate these world events. These last days we’re going to see some things that will cause great fear, but Yeshua said take heed that you are not weighed down with the cares of this life and that day come on you unexpectedly (Luke 21:34-38). So, when things catch you off guard, it means that you fail to prepare. Learn more when you view the accompanying video, Zion – This is Key to Our Deliverance | Look Back Zion and Remember.